Genie Overview

Genie is a PC based system which connects to Genesis panels to assist clients manage their access control and security. Genie has been designed to extend the power of the Genesis panels to provide a richly featured yet easy to use system for managing data, system control and event reporting.

Genie concurrently processes alarm and event information while allowing data viewing, editing and reporting by operators.

In addition to providing a single system for alarm monitoring and access control, Genie integrates with specialist management systems for Club Membership Access.

Genie Features

New features  Genie Club Access Version 3 Release 5

Genie Professional

Genie Options for Standard and Professional

Additional Options are available in Genie to provide addititional specialised functionality.

View the Feature Matrix to see more features and which options are available in the different Genie Editions.

Genie System Requirements

Standard PCs available are generally suitable for Genie. Faster machines with additional memory will give better performance, particularly for sites with large configurations or high numbers of daily events.