Genie Access Control and Security Management Overview

In today’s increasingly uncertain environment, building monitoring and access control are critical to the protection of your assets. You need to ensure you have taken every precaution to protect your company and staff, and maintain full control of your premises and security.

Genie has the answer. Genie is a Windows® based system which co-ordinates the reporting and management of the different aspects of security, alarm and access control in a simple user interface.

By interfacing to the Genesis Security and Access Control Panel Genie will provide a complete solution for your security requirements.

Genie manages user access and security alarms for a range of installations from small buildings to multi-site, multi-panel installations.

Genie concurrently processes alarm and event information while allowing data viewing, editing and reporting by operators.

Genie V3 R5 for Lite, Standard, Professional and Club Access is now Code Signed

As well as providing extra security for the Setup and Executables, this allows Genie to run on Windows® Server 2016 and Windows® 10 Enterprise.

Genie V3 R5 for Lite, Standard, Professional and Club Access

Club Access support for Clubfit Gym Management Software.

Working in conjunction with Clubfit, we have added support for Genie to integrate with the Clubfit Gym Management Software. Clubfit can be used with other health related organisations such as swim schools and leisure centres.

This provides for automatic addition of users to Genie and export of access events from Genie back to Clubfit.

We are pleased to announce that this major upgrade is now available.

This release provides

  • New Users Centre provides additional and simplified functions for managing users. Changes to the layout of data makes it easier to view and edit user details. Keys can now be added directly from the Users Centre.
  • New featuresadded to a number of functions. New report showing doors and times in door access groups.
  • Additional Genesis programming and commands in the Points Centre, Users Centre and User Types Centre. Text messages can be programmed in the Points Centre; Access to user and group flags has been added.
  • Licensing Changes The new Commissioning licence is a new option for installers providing time limited access where appropriate.
  • Digifort CCTV Support A new option is available providing an interface Digifort servers located within your network. Link points to cameras to quickly view live and recorded video in the History, Graphics and other screens.
  • Report Engine has been replaced. The new engine allows for more complex reports. The first of these is a report of access times for doors in a door access group.
  • BDE Dropped All programs that used the BDE have now been rewritten.
  • File Sharing with clients changed Due to changes in Windows®, sharing of files between the Master and Client workstations has been changed. Files are now copied from the Master by the Client, instead of being copied to Clients by the Master. Genie now needs a Shared Folder for these files. Details are given in the Installation Manual.
  • Club Access data importing has been updated to allow changing a key for a given user id. In addition, finding users based on their user id has been added.

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For more information, view New Features in the Overview.