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Genie Access Control and Security Management Overview

In today’s increasingly uncertain environment, building monitoring and access control are critical to the protection of your assets. You need to ensure you have taken every precaution to protect your company and staff, and maintain full control of your premises and security.

Genie has the answer. Genie is a Windows® based system which co-ordinates the reporting and management of the different aspects of security, alarm and access control in a simple user interface.

By interfacing to the Genesis Security and Access Control Panel Genie will provide a complete solution for your security requirements.

Genie manages user access and security alarms for a range of installations from small buildings to multi-site, multi-panel installations.

Genie concurrently processes alarm and event information while allowing data viewing, editing and reporting by operators.

Latest Updates
Updates are available on our Support page for
Genie Classic V3 R04 Build 1076
11 August 2014
Genie Club Access V3 R04 Build 1074
07 July 2013
Club Membership Systems Supported
Integrate with
Clubware Member Management
Flexware Client Management Systems
Playtpus EZeMember
31 March 2014
Genie PDF Brochure
Genie V3 Brochure View now or download zip file.
Genie Self Storage Brochure View now or download zip file.
8 December 2010
Version 3 Release 3 Released
Download from the Support->General menu item.
New Features
Professional : Automatic Graphic Display for new Alarms.
Professional : Force Comment Logging on Point Commands.
More.. new features
27 June 2011
Version 3 Release 2 Released
Download from the Support->General menu item.
New Features
Standard and Professional : Additional Archive Reports.
Professional : Save customised Archive Report definitions.
Professional : Schedule Archive Reports.
More.. new features
20 April 2011
Genie V3 R04 for Lite, Standard and Professional

Genie Version 3 Release 4 is now available. This extends the power of Genie with

  • Panasonic CCTV Support

    A new option is available providing an interface to WJ-ND300 and WJ-ND400 network disk recorders.

    Link points to cameras to quickly view live and recorded video in the History, Graphics and other screens.

  • Club Membership System Support

    Automatically import member access details and export visit information to membership management softare. Genie has developed interfaces with

    • Flexware Client Management Systems
    • Clubware Member Management
    • Platypus EZeMember

    Integrate club alarm monitoring with access control for member visit logging in one system.

    Note that Genie can be used either as a full release with Club Access options, or as a dedicated Club Access system.

For more information, view New Features in this Release.

Genie Self Storage

Ask your dealer about Genie Self Storage.

This integrates directly into the Storman Self Storage Software. Access Only version to control user entry to the site is now available. Secure Units version is coming soon.

  • Import Users from Storman
    directly from the Storman export files without need for operator action. Users are activated or cancelled automatically.
  • Events Logged to Storman
    to link into their existing event logs and alarm notification functions.

If you are working with a system that needs integration with Storman, this is a simple and powerful solution.

Genie Editions
  • Genie Lite is an entry level system designed for easy user management for small sites
  • Genie Standard is a scalable system suitable for a range of sites from small to large
  • Genie Professional provides additional specialised options for comprehensive system management

Genie has been designed for easy upgrading to extend limits and add options, allowing managed growth as and when required. View the Feature Matrix to compare editions.

Genie Preview

View Genie Preview or download to see sample screens and more details.

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